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Finishing up a onsite retrofit for a Texas Multizone unit. Converting from Pneumatic to DDC. Here is one of the panels we built onsite.

Cleaned up a few items on a recent project and added the floor plans and this new sweet Reymsa Cooling Tower graphic. Would like to thank BAS Custom Graphics for the renderings.

Just wrapped up another Metasys front end upgrade to the FX80 N4 platform and local Workstation.

Integration with existing water treatment plant devices and scientific equipment.

Ran a new cable up the side of a 140ft water tower and mounted an antenna. There has been some new challenges with this project, which has made it fun for us. Very proud of the work our guys are doing. No matter the job or obstacle, we are willing to take on a challenge.

Assisted with retrofitting an existing EBI panel and installed new Honeywell Spyders. Customer complained their Plant never operated properly. After doing a point to point commissioning, found original controls were never commissioned. Based on terminations and drawings, wiring and sensors were all mismatched. Started recommissioning the entire Central Plant and about to start on commissioning the Boiler Plant next.