About Us

We install Honeywell WEBs, Tridium, Johnson FX, and Distech controllers in Houston, TX businesses

With over 12 years of HVAC and Controls design, installation and service, Efficient Automation Services, LLC strives to offer a quality product and solution for all customers. EAS's goal is to provide our clients with the best solution available for their individual building automation and saving needs. EAS has the ability to offer customers a seamless integration solution for their BAS needs. EAS strives daily to become the premiere building automation group providing our customers with the best solutions possible in the State of Texas. Additionally, every single member of our team is Niagara-4 certified.

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Efficient Automation Services, LLC, approaches each project with great passion and innovation.

Here at EAS we offer a truly open protocol system from the supervisory level to the controller level, which gives the customer the flexibility or option to use another controls contractor and not just be tied down to one singular company.

We offer Honeywell WEBs, Tridium, Johnson FX, and Distech platforms, which can be tailored to each individual buildings needs. With our control systems having the ability to communicate on multiple platforms BAC net, Lon, Mod bus and etc.

We have the ability for a smoother integration process with existing building automation systems, giving the customer the most cost effective solution for their needs. Also our controls have the ability to be custom tailored to fit any facility application, including HVAC, Lighting, Energy Metering and etc.

EAS' technicians can work on a wide range of control systems and not just Honeywell WEBs, Tridium, Distech, and Johnson FX. We specialize in the ability to service across multiple platforms. EAS also has certified Pneumatic controls technicians for older buildings and can offer energy saving solutions for the these buildings as well.

With our proactive solution approach to building automation incorporates a very determined focus on solving existing building issues, energy savings and long term facility planning. EAS' approach to the building automation market is geared to giving the customer the best turn-key solutions and support at any phase or project stage.